Fujifilm launches SYNAPSE new business concept for Europe and opens a dedicated Digital-Hub.


In an age, when the volume of healthcare information captured and stored is increasing dramatically, medical professionals and patients need to access and share data, anytime, anywhere, on any device, in a secure and fast way. As a result, the focus of the healthcare professionals changed from “management of imaging” within their respective organization to “open concept of collaboration”, in which data from different sources are shared between medical organizations of any nature.

“Connection is a key factor to maximize success into this changing scenario, and Synapse, with its broad portfolio, is the “key” to provide successful connection by improving medical workflow” comments Pedro Mesquita, Fujifilm Europe Vice President - Medical Systems. “For this reason, we have integrated the keyword “connection” into the new logo and pay off, to enhance the role of Synapse as innovative medical informatics solution, as well as to build a consistent brand image across Europe.”

The logo shows a green tree where branches and leaves are represented by connected spots, in different sizes and color shades. A stylized human body is the bole of the tree, placed at the center of the logo to enhance the ”patient-centric” nature of Fujifilm solutions. “CONNECTING HEALTHCARE COMMUNITY” is the pay-off that affirms Synapse DNA.

The new business approach will be launched and nurtured through the Synapse Digital-Hub’ -synapse.fujifilm.eu - a powerful and innovative web-platform in which the healthcare professionals can experience all the benefits of Synapse adoption, with the possibility to simulate single product installation as well as complete and complex configurations. The look and feel is fresh and designed to boost the permanence into the site. A special section dedicated to market trends and data, technology reports and ambassadors’ studies has also been activated, to increase Synapse relevance and awareness.

“We think that the market will find the right answers with this innovative approach. We are in the position to respond effectively to healthcare community needs” concludes Pedro Mesquita. “We have developed the Hub to give to all professionals an immediate point of access to Synapse world and to start a two ways profitable dialogue with them. In the near future, this sales and marketing platform will be enriched with other integrated tools to maximize brand experience buy phentermine online and sales, which is in line with the strategy outlined by our Company worldwide”.

The new business concept and the web-hub platform will be officially launched on May 24th,
during “HEALTH IT EXPO” in Paris.

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