FUJIFILM Announces Further Enhancements to its “Wall Décor” Services


FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is to announce further additions to its lineup of Wall Décor services to enhance the fun of decorating and displaying various kinds of photographs. Fujifilm will showcase its further enhanced lineup of Wall Décor services at this year’s Photokina exhibition. Photographs have a variety of added values including “taking”, “preserving”, “gifting” and “displaying”.We are highlighting the value of “displaying” to further expand the fun and appeal of photography to a wide audience. This will be achieved by providing various support materials for Wall Décor services including “various and high quality printing materials”, “unique and value-added products” and “various order taking software”.

We are providing photo-lovers everywhere with:

  • From casual smartphone photographers through to high-end users,
  • From casual products to customized high quality products,
  • Simple and easy ordering flows,

We will boost the Wall Décor world by providing suitable solutions for all types of customers.At this year’s Photokina, we will exhibit the following Wall Décor services:

1. Printing materials

Fujifilm offers a variety of high quality printing materials for various customer demands. 

  • Silver Halide Materials
  • Specialty finishing: Fujiflex (Super glossy), Velvet (Deep-Matte), Pearl, Textured (Canvas/Linen/Leather)
  • Ordinary finishing: Glossy/Lustre/Matte/Silk Inkjet Printer Frontier DE100 2/2
  •   Inkjet Materials
  • Small format aqueous inkjet materials: Glossy/Lustre/Fine Art Matte
  • Wide format aqueous inkjet materials: Canvas/Fine Art paper
  • UV inkjet materials: Hard foam board, Aluminum, Acrylic glass, Canvas, Photo Wall Film

2. Unique and value-added Products

  •   Onsite products
  • Handy Photo Panel
  • Wood Framed Canvas
  • Non-adhesive easy assembling Canvas
  • Mounted print
  •   Lab products
  • Variations of Framed prints: Aluminum frame, Wood frame
  • Mounted hard foam board, Aluminum print, Acrylic glass, Canvas print,

3. Order taking software

Fujifilm provides the suitable ordering software for all types of customers.

  • Online ordering
  • Luxury Line: PROline (Web software)
  • Standard Line: PGX (PC/Tablet/Smartphone)
  •  Retail ordering
  • Standard Line: Order-it (Kiosk terminal)
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