FUJIFILM announces Inkjet Printer "Frontier DE100"

Compact, high-speed and high-performance printer realizes printing systems corresponding to retailers’ needs to offer high quality images with various sizes and paper surfaces


FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is proud to announce a development of “Frontier DE100”, a compact, high quality new ink jet printer, which enables photo retailers to have a system corresponding to retailer’s printing services, installation space and budget.

Photo retailers can establish various print systems such as “Self print system” with which customers make photo prints by themselves, “Minilab system” with which shop clerk makes photo prints behind the shop counter, and “Event photo system” with which printing services are offered at tourist spots, festivals or events.

Fujifilm has been promoting print service at retail shops for long years. This service is realized by digital minilab “Frontier” series, and Fujifilm has added inkjet digital minilab to the lineup since 2008 next to silver halide digital minilab.

“Frontier DE100” is, while being compact (0.21m2 footprint) and lightweight (27 kg), a high performance printer which offers high quality images at high speed, allowing using various print sizes and paper surfaces. With Frontier DE100 combinations of multiple printers make it possible to establish printing systems meeting retailers’ needs. 

1. Combinations of printing systems meeting retailers’ budgets or required printing services

Frontier DE100’s compact design also corresponds to the self print system that requires miniaturization of printers for limited shop spaces, the minilab system that requires high speed processing for large amount of printings in one day, or the event photo system that requires mobility (light-weighed) for traveling to event sites.

Frontier DE100 has realized a processing capability of 1,320 sheets/hour (standard mode) when connecting 4 of them, exceeding the number of prints that inkjet minilab produces.

2. Sharp, high quality printing with less graininess

Frontier DE100 combines newly developed high-viscosity four ink system “ViViDiA D-Photo” which uses dye with highly ozone-resistant, light-resistant and a printing head with the high resolution 1,200 × 1,200 dpi in order to enables to correctly eject extremely small ink droplets of 1 pl. Moreover, this new system employs a combination of exclusive inkjet paper and Fujifilm’s unique image processing technology “Image Intelligence™” to have realized high quality image surpassing conventional compact inkjet printers or compact sublimation type printers even though with four inks.

3. Various print sizes and paper surfaces to enable various kinds of printing

Frontier DE100 adopts print sizes from the smallest 89 mm × 50 mm to the largest 210 mm × 1,000 mm, which enables to propose various kinds of printings; “Square” printing, recently being very popular among young influenced by the smart phone application like Instagram, “Wallet size” printing, popular in Western countries, or “Banner” prints which are for room decorations such as birthday occasion. The three paper surfaces, glossy, luster and silk will expand pleasure of printings.

Fujifilm will continue to offer convenient and high value printing services optimized combination of various types of printers that meet the changing market needs thereby cultivate the culture of photography.


Product Name: Frontier DE100

Availability: Scheduled to be released in November, 2016 (limited countries)

Main specification

Printer code


Print Method

Piezoelectric inkjet system

Print Size

89 mm × 50 mm – 210 mm × 1,000 mm

Print Capacity

10.8 sec. / sheet (4″ × 6″)

Print Resolution

1,200 × 1,200 dpi

Print Mode

Standard Mode / High Quality Mode

Paper Size

Paper Type




Paper Width (mm)







Standard Paper

(65m long)








Paper Loading

1 roll

Paper Loading Width

89 mm – 210 mm

Ink Cartridge

Four colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) dye-based ink
(Volume: 200ml per color)

Foot Print

Approx. 0.21㎡

Power Requirement

AC100V – 120V 50 / 60Hz

AC220V – 240V 50 / 60Hz


Width 490 mm × Depth 430 mm × Height 354 mm


Approx. 26.5 kg






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