Acuity B1

Versatile B1 format inkjet system with full automation

Combining full automation, near-photographic image quality and the perfect format size for hundreds of applications, Acuity B1 represents an exciting and unique innovation in digital print. Featuring Fujifilm UV inkjet technology, the quality rivals offset. Print on plastics up to 10 mm thick, plus a wide range of coated and uncoated materials.

  • Fujifilm Dimatix QFR7 printheads
  • Hybrid UV curing system
  • Full automation
  • Zoned vacuum table
  • Print on up to 10 mm thick rigid material
  • Up to 200 sheets per hour
  • Full-width print array
  • up to 8 channels CMYK + CMYK & CMYK + WW
  • Powerful and intuitive graphical user interface

Full ‘pallet-to-pallet’ automation makes production more efficient

Featuring full automation and a ‘pallet-to-pallet’ linear architecture, Acuity B1 makes production simpler and can reduce the amount of labour you need on your printroom floor. Operating the Acuity B1 is simple and straightforward; an intuitive and easy-to-use interface means less printroom stress.

Digital convenience – no compromise on quality

Providing the benefits of digital with outstanding quality, Acuity B1 can enhance your printroom production with zero compromise on quality. Print up to 200 B1 format sheets per hour and switch between jobs swiftly. Produce print that doesn’t need lamination or varnishing. Finish or ship sheets immediately, because they come off the press completely cured. And deliver excellent print quality to demanding customers with an eye for detail.

Fits seamlessly into existing workflows

For those who already use the B1 format size, Acuity B1 will fit seamlessly into existing workflows – including pre- and post-coating equipment and paper handling – whilst revolutionising production capability. The B1 media size is a familiar format size for many analogue screen and conventional offset operators, which makes printroom transition to a high-powered digital system, easier. 

Print a massive range of profit-making applications

With the ability to print on a wide range of flexible and rigid materials up to 10 mm thick, including plastics, Acuity B1 opens the door to a wide range of applications – including eye-catching point of sale materials such as shelf wobblers, merchandising strips, shelftalkers, counter displays, promotional items such as counter mats, decals and product tags, plus much more. LED UV pinning technology provides a choice of print finishes – from satin to gloss – which means with Acuity B1 you can offer your customers the same finishes as you would with screen or offset processes.

Cost-effective high-quality short runs

Because it’s inkjet, Acuity B1 eliminates the pre-press and setup costs of offset and screen. This is especially convenient when working with thicker materials such as plastic. Short runs become much more cost effective, and you could win more work by offering high-quality samples and one-offs

Maximum print speed Up to 200 sheets/hr
Maximum media size 1,050 mm x 750 mm
Maximum media thickness 0.1 mm up to 10 mm
Inks Uvijet KX and KH series (5 kg bag-in-box)
Colour configuration 8 channels - (4 and 6 colour CMYK or 4 and 6 colour CMYK x 2)
Printheads Fujifilm Dimatix QFR7 (7 pl)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 9,500 mm x 3,100 mm x 1,800 mm

The Acuity B1 handles standard print applications superbly. What’s more, customers are generating new business and increasing profits by branching into less conventional, higher value printing applications such as metal decoration. For more information about Metal Decoration with the Acuity B1 please click here.