Onset X Series

Onset X HS: Fast just got faster

The Onset X series now includes a range of enhancements that result in much higher print speeds and machine utilisation, and therefore higher productivity. These enhancements are available in the Onset X HS models within the range.

The Onset X HS models are capable of ultra-high productivity and fast turnaround times with no compromise to quality. This means you can take on and turn around more work and improve the service you offer your customers to enhance your competitive edge.

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The amazing productivity of the Onset X HS models is due to a combination of the following:

1. Job setup time

Job changeover is one of the biggest causes of machine downtime, due to the setup changes often required, such as; robotic automation adjustments, the alignment of UV shutters and the adjustment of the table skins. The Onset X HS, now offers fully automated setup procedures, taking the job setup time from around 10 minutes down to around 30 seconds, resulting in far less operator intervention and a substantial boost to printer uptime & utilisation.

2. Press up-time and reliability

Onset printers have a justified reputation for extraordinary reliability, achieving 90% uptime. Intelligent features enable all Onset X printers to achieve optimum performance. In addition, support software can monitor and diagnose potential problems remotely before they occur.

3. Raw print speeds

The Onset X HS offers headline speed increases of over 50%. This is because of the introduction of a new ‘single cycle’ print mode, together with a new high performance Uvijet OX ink. The single cycle mode features optimised print and jetting profiles that allows speeds of up to 1450 m2 per hour to be achieved. Combined with the introduction of Uvijet OX, adhesion can be achieved across a wider range of media at the highest possible speeds. This means high speed, high quality, single cycle printing is suitable for a much wider range of applications.

4. On the floor productivity

The productivity of the Onset X HS is further enhanced due to the automation options available. With ¾ and full automation for standard display and point of sale applications, along with a specific fully automated solution for corrugated board, the ultra-fast productivity of the Onset is matched with superb media handling systems.

5. Future-proof Scalable Architecture

The Onset X series incorporates the concept of Scalable Architecture, which allows a machine to be tailored to meet individual business needs at the time of initial investment, and then allows for future expansion.

The Onset X takes Scalable Architecture to the ultimate level to give you an investment that is future-proof. It is built to allow printhead configurations to change and grow without having to change other parts of the machine.

This gives you the freedom to adapt to change and explore potential business opportunities, whilst giving you the security to respond to your business needs today.

6. Uvijet ink: the technology that fuels the machine

At Fujifilm, one of the core skills is ink design, with an unmatched understanding of ink chemistry, print applications, media, printheads and UV curing. Fujifilm’s design capability encompasses R&D resources, a legacy of ink formulation and vast manufacturing experience, allowing the company to produce inks of the highest quality and reliability, with superb tonal reproduction and a wide colour gamut.

For the Onset X series, Fujifilm is able to offer a number of different ink sets to allow this ultra-high productivity platform to be used for a wide range of applications.

7. Powerful handling systems

3/4 semi-automatic handling:

The 3/4 automation system lets you print single sheet, multiple sheet or double sided print in registration. The operator loads sheets onto a preload laytable and the system takes over the rest, offloading it on a pallet in an accurately registered stack for easy removal of the prints. Best of all, the system allows the operator immediate, direct access to the bed and registration points for quick switch between manual and semi-automatic work.

Fully Automatic Handling:

This fully automatic material loading system is designed to handle conditioned and dimensionally stable sheets. It works in conjunction with the robot offload handling unit to provide full automation, handling multiple sheets with highly accurate registration. The loader can be moved away from the machine to allow access to the print bed and flexibility for semi-automatic operation.

Fully automatic handling for varying quality levels of corrugated board:

This fully automatic handling system is designed for difficult materials like unconditioned corrugated board. Vacuum-to-vacuum transfer ensures precision handling, from the robotic arm pickup, to placement on the print bed and stacking of printed board.

Onset X HS Multiple Job Queue

Onset X HS Single Cycle Timelapse

Investment in Inca Digital Onset X1 from Fujifilm brings multiple benefits to HL Display

The UK’s first Onset X platform to feature two white channels has boosted production speeds and quality for the leading global POS provider.

HL Display is in the business of helping its customers to create attractive and profitable in-store environments. With its solutions installed in 265,000 stores across 50 countries, it is a global leader in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions, creating a better shopping experience for people all over the world.

In the UK, HL Display’s Harlow site acts as both a factory and regional distribution centre, predominantly for the UK market, but also for export markets in western and northern Europe. The addition of an Inca Digital Onset X1 supplied by Fujifilm to its product portfolio in January 2018, has boosted production speeds, improved quality and delivered significant time and cost savings.

“We already had an excellent working relationship with Fujifilm and Inca Digital prior to this investment, and a great appreciation of their combined technology, having installed an Onset S20 nine years ago.” says Adrian Edwards, Production Director, at HL Display. “This relationship played a major part in the investment decision, as did the boost in production speeds and quality on offer from the Onset X1. Furthermore, we’re very conscious that we operate in a fast-changing environment, so the scalability of the Onset X series platform gave us added flexibility other machines could not match, including the ability to boost output speeds, add ink channels and increase the level of automation.

“With the many challenges the retail industry faces, we wanted to ensure we were in the best possible position to respond to them,” Edwards continues. “Being able to offer the latest products with relatively short lead times is increasingly becoming the norm, and this year we’ve seen a huge increase in the demand for print from one major retail customer in particular. There was no way our previous machine could have coped with such a rapid increase in demand. This was a major factor in our decision to invest in the Onset X1 and the machine was more than up to the task.”

“The fact that the Onset X1 can incorporate two white channels was also very appealing and it has given us a real edge in the market. There are certain product applications where our only alternative would have been flood-coating using screen machinery. Now we are able use a one-step process rather than two, saving us valuable time and resources.

“We’ve seen a significant improvement in the quality of our print as well as an increase in output, allowing us to reduce the amount of work we sub-contract. We have also been able to standardise our colour profiling across all digital print machines, making our work process simpler and more cost-effective. With results like these, we can meet our customers’ expectations and remain confident that we can always find a solution to help our customers solve their problems and create opportunities both today and tomorrow.

“I would not hesitate to recommend the Onset X1 to other businesses - the modularity of the system provides a platform that fulfils today’s needs, while the option to upgrade enables you to cater for tomorrow’s demands.

“Overall, Fujifilm was a pleasure to work with through the sales and installation process.” Edwards concludes. “They are a global organisation at the forefront of print innovation and the support we were given was second to none, from the project planning and management, to the hand-over and execution. It all happened very seamlessly and we managed to comfortably achieve our target dates for the completion of the process. It was one of best installation processes I have been involved with.”

Says Chris Broadhurst, General Manager, Fujifilm Graphic Systems UK: “We are delighted to see another Onset X installation in the UK and to hear about the fantastic results HL Display has already experienced as a result of this. It highlights just some of the benefits offered by the scalable Onset X platform and its ability to create new opportunities, even in some of the most challenging markets. We look forward to continuing to work with HL Display as its business continues to grow.”

Maximum media size 3.22 x 1.6m
Maximum media thickness 50mm in manual mode, 18mm with automatic handling
Maximum media weight 20kg evenly spread in manual mode at full speed, 80kg evenly spread in manual mode at reduced speed, 10kg evenly spread with automatic handling
Inks Fujifilm Uvijet inks
Colour options Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, white, orange
Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.5 x 4.4 x 2.2m

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